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Are your children attending an overcrowded school?


Lord Tweedsmuir Secondary school population currently stands at 2090 (optimum capacity is 1500). With 6 portables added this year and no relief in sight for at least 2 more years it looks like the stresses of overcrowding will continue to impact our kids, our teachers, administrators and support staff. Meanwhile new home construction continues unabated. I'm concerned, are you? What action do you think our city government should take to address this? Send your thoughts to Cloverdale Neighbour Network


The wind storm and power failure were a wake up call to many when it comes to being prepared for an earthquake.

Do you have any tips or ideas on how indviduals and neighbourhoods can strengthen their capacity to survive without the many services we take for granted (electricity, gas, water)? Please share your concerns, your ideas and suggestions via email and I will post them on the opinions page. Send an email to Cloverdale Neighbour Network

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Does your neighbourhood need a Block Watch? Take a look at the many benefits on the Safety page and call the Cloverdale Block Watch coordinator today!

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